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Bouncy Blow dry

Bouncy Blow dry

Bouncy Blow dry

How To - Bouncy Blow-Dry
1. To start, apply a heat protector spray or serum and begin by rough drying the hair using a medium speed setting. It needs to be about 80% dry.

2. Then part your hair where you want and you’re going to start by blow-drying the front sections of your hair. This section usually dries first so it’s a good idea to dry and style the front section before you move onto the rest.

3. To begin styling this section, use a round brush and run it underneath, applying heat to your hair from the top of the roots down towards the tips. Make sure you are using the nozzle on your hairdryer and are directing the heat downwards. This will keep the cuticle flat and prevent the hair from looking frizzy. I love the oscillating nozzle on the Panasonic NA67 as it automatically moves to spread hot air from left to right, meaning the hair and scalp aren’t overheated.

4. Then, wrap your hair around the brush and apply heat. Roll the brush down the hair as you are drying it. You can either style the front section by drying around towards the face or away from the face depending on the look you want to achieve. Be careful not to apply the hairdryer too close as this can damage the hair. The Panasonic NA67 uses nanoeTM technology to help lock in moisture and prevent unnecessary damage.

5. When the front section is dry you can use no crease hair clips to pin it out of the way whilst you move onto the next section.

6. Then, part the hair from ear to ear. Split this section in two and dry the hair with a large round brush repeating the same technique you used for drying the front section. Remember to direct the heat down the hair shaft.

7. For the next section, divide your hair horizontally, in about four-six sections, depending on the thickness and length of your hair.

8. Again, repeat the motion of rolling the brush underneath the section and moving the brush in a downwards motion whilst using the hairdryer and directing the heat downwards.

9. Finally, to finish off, split the top section into two along the parting. You can blow-dry either towards the face or away from the face depending on the finish you want to achieve.

10. Remove clips and spritz with a flexible hair spray.

Bouncy Blow dry

Blow-Dry Tips

  • Always use a nozzle on your hairdryer – it directs the heat down the shaft of the hair to keep the cuticle flat – for a smooth and shiny finish.
  • For more volume on top do not blow dry a parting into your hair, put the parting in after the blowdry has finished
  • Try to avoid blow drying hair when it is soaking wet. Instead, wrap hair in a cotton t-shirt or towel and pat dry – never rub! Try to use the hairdryer on damp hair – this will prevent you from over drying your locks.
  • When using a styling product or heat protector before blow drying, remember to work the product through the hair – not just on the top section.
  • Do not opt for the highest setting on your hairdryer! Most of the time it is unnecessary.
  • You need the right tools – bigger brushes give a smoother finish and can create move volume. Be wary though! If your brush has a metal middle it gets hot very quickly so try to keep drying time to a minimum.
  • It is important to let hair ‘set’ otherwise your style will not last. Before moving onto your next section when blow-drying, allow it to rest for a moment on the brush to cool down. This will make your blow-dry last longer.
Bouncy Blow dry

How To - Curls & Waves With Straightening Irons
1. To start, apply a heat protector spray or serum and make sure it is evenly distributed. Make sure the hair is completely dry before starting. Then you need to section your hair – you’re going to work from bottom to top. Depending on the thickness of your hair and how lose you want the curls will determine how big your sections are. The bigger the section the looser and bigger the curl!

2. On your first section, clamp down your straightener near the top/roots of the hair. Be gentle and don’t get too close to the scalp.

3. Carefully pull the straightener down the hair shaft - just like you would if you were going to straighten it. Except, instead of running the straightener all the way down to the tip, you need to stop along the hair shaft where you want the curl to start and turn the straightener 180 degrees.

4. Then gently pull down straight through the rest of your hair. I recommend using straighteners with flexible plates - like the Panasonic HS0E – the flexible plates hold the hair firmly but without causing damage as you move through the hair.

5. For a more natural look I recommend starting the curl in the mid-to-end section of the hair. This gives a softer, more natural look. Also, you can choose to run the iron right through the tip of the hair for a curled end, or release the iron just before the tip for an effortless, natural-looking wave.

6. Once you have done all sections, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to break up the curls for a more natural look. Apply hairspray and/or texture spray to finish off.

Straightening Iron Tips

  • If you are creating curls or waves with your straighteners, it just takes practice. You want the movement to be seamless and continuous. Practice, practice, practice! Do a ‘rehearsal’ with the irons turned off so you can nail the movement before you start.
  • If you are in a rush but want to add a bit of movement and texture to the hair, roughly section it and add soft waves through the mid to lower sections of the hair.
  • If you hear steam when you apply the straighteners – your hair is still wet! Never use straighteners on damp or wet hair. It will damage your hair!
  • Although straighteners today go up to very high temperatures, you do need to use the maximum heat setting. It will not make your style last longer but it will damage your hair. Dial it down and opt for a medium temperature setting. I love straighteners with heat sensors, the Panasonic HS0E model has a high-speed intelligent thermal sensor and uses unique nanoeTM technology to enrich and protect the hair.