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Ultimate Alkaline Performance

Evolution + Voltage

* IEC discharge test results on Panasonic batteries sold in your country    

Highly Evolved Energy

EVOLTA’s progressive design (EVOLUTION) and high power (VOLTAGE) combines in a battery that consistently outperforms other premium products in accepted performance tests. In fact, it’s our No.1 longest-lasting alkaline battery. By evolving Material, Process, and Structure, EVOLTA protects you and your devices while delivering sustained power in high-drain applications, even after 10 years* in storage.

* When unused and properly stored. 9 V batteries excluded.

Look Inside

EVOLTA Evolution

Batteries look the same on the outside, but hidden factors influence the quality of your experience. Panasonic’s accumulated battery knowhow, passed down by generations of artisans, is enriched by R&D to give EVOLTA a winning edge. Material Evolution, Process Evolution, and Structural Evolution combine in a new world standard for quality.

01 | Material Evolution

High Energy Formula uses refined materials supplied to us exclusively. Cathode features high-purity MnO2 with a titanium additive for smooth discharge and extended storage life, while a new surfactant revitalizes zinc reaction to efficiently sustain power in high-drain devices.

Note: Titanium is added to all sizes excluding 9 V batteries and AA/AAA sizes in some countries or regions.

02 | Process Evolution

Panasonic’s homogenized fill-density and electrolyte vacuum-degassing processes allow more active ingredient to be added to every EVOLTA battery we make. Double High-Density Power Core not only helps to extend battery life, it also stabilizes discharge performance for a smooth energy flow to your device.


Positive (+) electrode
Homogenous fill process fits more active ingredient inside

Negative (-) electrode
Vacuum-degassing process increases zinc volume for longer life

03 | Structural Evolution

Improved structural design creates more space for active ingredients for longer-lasting battery performance, while strengthened internal structure and a tough outer coating significantly improve impact resistance.

Panasonic’s original ultra-thin can features varying wall thickness and a strengthened gasket structure that creates space for more ingredients, extending battery life.

(1) Reduced lateral width of can walls to less than conventional products
(2) Refined our unique thin gasket without reducing structural integrity
(3) Increased can wall thickness around the seal structure for strength
(4) Eliminated washer from seal structure, simplifying the design

Unique Anti-Leak Seal Technology

Anti-Leak Seal Technology combines a refined structural design and a unique gas-suppressing formula to reduce chance of leakage when batteries are in use or in storage. Exclusive Seal Structure employs a thin gasket with tough material that’s locked tight into the battery can wall, capped with a metal seal, and secured with adhesive. Gas-Suppressing Formula, meanwhile, uses proprietary materials that suppress gas generation, reducing pressure buildup and chance of leaks.

Exclusive Seal Structure

Precision-locked seal cap with special adhesive

Tough gasket resists deterioration for a tight fit

Gas-Suppressing Formula

Zinc generates gas bubbles, increasing pressure and chance of leaks

Newly refined zinc limits gas pressure buildup and chance of leakage

Store Batteries Safely for Up to 10 Years*

You can store EVOLTA batteries for up to 10 years*. Unique high-quality chemistries including added titanium prevent degradation while Anti-Leak Seal prevents leakage to ensure long-life stability. Enjoy powerful EVOLTA performance whenever you need it.

Note: Titanium is added to all sizes excluding 9 V batteries and AA/AAA sizes in some countries or regions.

* When unused and properly stored. 9 V batteries excluded.

Special Tough Coating

Does your device work intermittently? This may be due to contact resistance, when nickel flakes off the battery terminal and interrupts the flow of electricity to your device. Panasonic’s original Special Tough Coating is a nickel-iron alloy that reduces contact resistance, optimizing energy flow and keeping your appliances working at their best.

Special Tough Coating is a nickel-iron alloy technology that maintains a smooth flow of power from battery to device.