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Protecting You and the Environment

Clean, Safe, and Long-Lasting

Manganese is the most commonly used battery type. Panasonic offers manganese cells with no added specified toxic substances, wherever you buy them. Mercury, lead*, and cadmium are replaced with green alternatives that also help to maintain battery life and discharge performance. For low-drain applications, there’s simply no better battery.

* Excluding some batteries made in India and China.

Zinc-Alloy Can

Panasonic Manganese combines advanced engineering technologies with high quality at low cost. A key feature is the tough zinc-alloy can, which is not only stronger, but also more resistant to corrosion. Best of all, no lead* is added to the eco-friendly zinc-alloy can for safe and convenient disposal and greater peace of mind.

* Excluding some batteries made in India and China.

Anti-Leak Protection

Your devices are protected by the most advanced anti-leak battery technology for manganese batteries. Structural weak points in conventional manganese battery structure makes them prone to leakage. Panasonic’s robust design incorporates a stronger collector-rod sealing structure together with nylon inner-tube protection and a metallic outer can. The result: far lower chance of structural failure and leakage.

Zero Lead*, Cadmium, or Mercury Added

Panasonic released its first mercury-free battery back in 1991. Now, it’s among the first manufacturers in the world to completely eliminate the use of lead* in its manganese batteries. Panasonic Manganese batteries have no added lead*, cadmium, or mercury. This gives peace of mind as you're using the product, and protects the environment after disposal.

* Excluding some batteries made in India and China.