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One-2 LED Lantern


Size (approx.): W 70 mm x H 135 mm x D 70 mm

This handy 2-mode battery lantern suffuses soft or bright light anywhere in the home, and can also be used as a flashlight. Keep it by your bedside or in the kids’ room.

• Efficient LED for up to 1,000 hours*1 of lighting
• Push-touch High or Low modes
• Hang on lanyard, place in stand, use as flashlight (switch on bottom)
• LED doesn’t get hot, safe for children

*1 In Low Mode with EVOLTA batteries.
*2 In High Mode with EVOLTA batteries.

By your bedside

A décor-friendly lamp that’s always by your side

Diffusing soft, comfortable light, this décor-friendly design makes an ideal bedside lamp.

Held comfortably

When you need a flashlight...

This lightweight, portable design is also comfortable to hold and use as a flashlight.

Overhead lighting

Easily hung from the ceiling

Loop some string through the strap-hole to hang from the ceiling, handy during power outages.

Push On/Off lamp operation

So easy to use... just press the top of the light to turn on, dim, or switch off the light.

Features bright or dim setting

Add an EVOLTA battery to enjoy up to about 1,000 hours (about 40 days) of light in Low Mode.

Extra switch on the bottom

There's an On/Off button on the bottom of the unit for easy operation when using as a torch.

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LED Any-Battery Lantern


Size (approx.): W 135 mm x H 125 mm x D 80 mm 

This clever lantern works with one battery of any type and size*1. You’ll always be prepared in emergencies with any batteries you have to hand. Provides light for up to 3 days*2 with four batteries.

• Use with any battery (dry battery or Ni-MH) of any size*1 (D/C/AA/AAA)
• Use with any number of batteries (one battery to four batteries)
• Up to 3 days (86 hours*2) illumination or more
• Multi-purpose (lantern or flashlight) with rotating On/Off switching lens cover to disperse or focus light
• Compact and weatherproof with easy-grip handle

*1 Excluding 9 V.
*2 With four batteries used individually in sequence until depletion.

Any Type, Any Size! Any Type, Any Size!

Any Type, Any Size!

The flashlight works with any combination of manganese, alkaline, or rechargeable (Ni-MH) batteries. It also works with any combination of sizes* (D/C/AA/AAA).

* Excluding 9 V.

Any Number of Batteries! Any Number of Batteries!

Any Number of Batteries!

Works even with a single battery. Independent circuits for each battery size allow for mixed use of new and old batteries.

3 Days or More! 3 Days or More!

3 Days or More!

Up to 86 hours of continuous use* with four batteries. You can use this flashlight to store extra batteries for emergency use.

* With four batteries used individually in sequence until depletion.

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LED Any-Battery Lantern Mini


Size (approx.): W 105 mm x H 85 mm x D 48 mm

• Use with either AA or AAA batteries
• Use continuously for up to approximately 10.5 hours*
• ø 7.5 mm LED with funnel shade, use as a lantern or flashlight in emergencies
• Light and compact, easy for kids and seniors
• Award-winning universal design with comfortable easy-grip handle
• Drip-proof design can be used in light rain

* With AA and AAA EVOLTA batteries used individually in sequence until depletion.



Standard LED Torch Light


Size (approx.): ø 42 mm x H 205 mm

Supports 70 hours of continuous use with LED and EVOLTA batteries. Includes a convenient hanging hook for storage. Equipped with a white LED, so there is no need to worry about running out of power.


LED Emergency Light


Size (approx.): ø 35 mm x H 195 mm

Compact wall-mounted torch is ideal for emergency use, offering you safety in life and assets. Ideal for every apartment, office, and house. Phosphorescence allows you to locate the flashlight in the dark.

• LED and EVOLTA batteries for 70 hours of continuous use
• Light-absorbing paint sticker makes it easy to locate during power outages
• Compact, always-on light that can be installed in tight spaces


LED Mighty Light


Size (approx.): W 210 mm x H 115 mm x D 105 mm

• Equipped with four standard Ø 7.5 mm LEDs for a brighter and wider illumination
• Large slide switch for easy operation



LED Clip Light


Size (approx.): W 34 mm x H 50 mm x D 35 mm

* Available colors vary by region. 

• A clip-on light that can be easily used to illuminate your hands or feet
• Can be attached to breast pocket, hat brim, bag, strap, etc.
• Splash-proof construction for use in light rain
• 360-degree rotation and 110-degree up/down movement, so the direction of illumination is flexible depending on the mounting method
• Comes with coin batteries (CR2032 x 2), so it can be used immediately after purchase
• Compact size for easy attachment


LED Neck Light


Size (approx.): W 30 mm x H 50 mm x D 26 mm
215 mm (Neck-holder circumference)

A convenient LED light for walks, fishing, and camping. LED provides high brightness while using a fraction of the power.

• Easy hands-free design ideal for walking, jogging, etc.
• Comfortable 40-gram weight puts no strain on your neck
• Illuminates a wide area for safety