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R410A Inverter Mini Cassette


R410A Inverter Mini Cassette

Compact 4-way airflow system with high energy-saving performance

R410A Inverter Mini Cassettes equipped with a 4-way airflow system offer energy-saving performance. They are compact and particularly suitable for small- to medium-sized offices and restaurants.
  • Inverter
  • R410A
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R410A Inverter Mini Cassette


Btu/h (rated)





1Ø Phase

1Ø Phase

1Ø Phase

Indoor Unit




Outdoor Unit




Compact Design

The panel is a compact (700 x 700mm) so it can be installed even in a small room where space is limited.
Compact Design

Comfortable and Uniform Airflow

4-way and auto swing louvers offer comfortable and uniform airflow to all corners of room.
Comfortable and Uniform Airflow

Compact Outdoor Unit for Mini Cassette

Highly efficient inverter operation provides superior energy savings. And all models are 1-fan types for easier installation.
Compact Outdoor Unit for Mini Cassette

Precise Control, Easy Comfort

The Panasonic Inverter Type Mini Cassette remote controller is designed with user comfort in mind. Multiple settings are available so airflow and air quality can be regulated according to preferences.
Note: A wired remote controller CZ-RD52CP is optional. A wireless remote controller is in the same package with the indoor unit.
Precise Control, Easy Comfort



Photo of CS-S12SB4HW-1_CU-S12MBZ


Photo of CS-S18SB4HW-1_CU-S18MBZ


Photo of CS-S24SB4HW-1_CU-S24MBZ
  • InverterInverter
  • R410AR410A

4-way airflow system

LCD wireless remote controller

Random auto restart

Removal washable panel

Dew prevention control

Anti-freezing control

Power Source 220-240 V, 1 phase - 50 Hz 220-240 V, 1 phase - 50 Hz 220-240 V, 1 phase - 50 Hz
Indoor CS-S12SB4HW-1 CS-S18SB4HW-1 CS-S24SB4HW-1
Panel CZ-BT20EW-1 CZ-BT20EW-1 CZ-BT20EW-1
Cooling Capacity: Rated 3.50 kW, 11,900 Btu/h 4.90 kW, 16,700 Btu/h 5.90 kW, 20,100 Btu/h
Cooling Capacity: Min-Max 0.93-4.40 kW, 3,170-15,000 Btu/h 0.98-5.60 kW, 3,340-19,100 Btu/h) 0.98-6.70 kW, 3,340-22,800 Btu/h
Current: Rated (Max) 4.8-4.5 A (7.4 A) 6.3-5.9 A (9.4 A) 8.5-7.9 A (10.9 A)
Power Input: Rated (Min-Max) 0.98 kW (0.26-1.30 kW) 1.36 kW (0.27-1.65 kW) 1.82 kW (0.30-2.15 kW)
COP/EER 3.57 W/W, 12.14 Btu/hW 3.60 W/W, 12.28 Btu/hW 3.24 W/W, 11.04 Btu/hW
Indoor Unit: Air Volume 12.8 m³/min, 450 cfm 14.3 m³/min, 505 cfm 14.3 m³/min, 505 cfm
Indoor Unit: Sound Pressure Level (Hi/Lo/Q-Lo) 41/26/23 dB (A) 45/28/25 dB (A) 45/33/30 dB (A)
Indoor Unit: Dimension H260 × W575 × D575 mm H260 × W575 × D575 mm H260 × W575 × D575 mm
Indoor Unit: Panel Dimension H51 × W700 × D700 mm H51 × W700 × D700 mm H51 × W700 × D700 mm
Indoor Unit: Net Weight 18.0 kg 18.0 kg 18.0 kg
Indoor Unit: Panel Net Weight 2.5 kg 2.5 kg 2.5 kg
Outdoor Unit: Sound Pressure Level (Hi) 47-48 dB (A) 49-50 dB (A) 49-50 dB (A)
Outdoor Unit: Dimension H540 x W780 x D289 mm H695 x W875 x D320 mm H695 x W875 x D320 mm
Outdoor Unit: Net Weight 31.0 kg 44.0 kg 44.0 kg
Outdoor Unit: Piping Connection (Gas Pipe) 12.70 mm (1/2 inch) 12.70 mm (1/2 inch) 15.88 mm (5/8 inch)
Outdoor Unit: Piping Connection (Liquid Pipe) 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) 6.35 mm (1/4 inch)
Outdoor Unit: Pipe Length (Min-Max) 3.0-15.0 m 3.0-20.0 m 3.0-20.0 m
Outdoor Unit: Elevation Difference 15.0 m 15.0 m 15.0 m
Outdoor Unit: Maximum Chargeless Length (Max) 7.5 m 10.0 m 10.0 m
Outdoor Unit: Additional Gas 15 g/m 15 g/m 20 g/m
Outdoor Unit: Operating Range, Outdoor (Min-Max) 16-43 °C 16-43 °C 16-43 °C