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How to Blow Dry Your Hair for Curly, Wavy & Straight Hair

How to Blow Dry Your Hair for Curly, Wavy & Straight Hair

How to Blow Dry Your Hair for Curly, Wavy & Straight Hair

No matter your hair type, achieving a picture-perfect style without a trip to the hairdressers can be tricky. While there’s nothing better than a good old salon blow-dry to get your locks ready for a special occasion, what if you were able to recreate a professional blow-dry at home?

All you’ll need to succeed is the right tools, products and technique. Keep reading and follow our step-by-step guide on how to blow dry hair like a pro!

How to Blow Dry Your Hair for Curly, Wavy & Straight Hair

Choose the Right Hair Dryer
Having the right tools for any job is important. Choose a hair dryer with a variety of settings and attachments that allows you to control your style and prevents damage to your hair. The Panasonic EH-NA67 for example uses Nanoe™ technology that deeply hydrates and moisturises your hair during the drying process; its oscillating, quick-dry nozzle distributes the airflow evenly, helping your hair dry quickly. This helps reduce damage and prevents frizz, resulting in shinier, smoother and healthier hair.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair for Curly, Wavy & Straight Hair

Don’t Blow-Dry Dripping Wet Hair
Before you start to blow-dry your hair, make sure it’s already around 60-80% dry to avoid frizziness and breakages. If you have curly hair, always use the ‘plopping’ method first.

Hannah Gaboardi Healthy hair tips

Use the Right Hair Products
Heat protection is a must when using heating tools like hair dryers or straighteners, so remember to always apply a heat protectant throughout your hair before blow-drying it.

Once you’re done blow-drying your hair, apply a finishing product – such as a serum, cream, oil or gloss – to keep your hair looking great for longer.

How to Blow Dry Straight Hair
Blow-drying straight hair isn’t as straightforward as it may initially seem; follow the steps below for the perfect blowout:

Step 1: Section off your hair into buns, leaving only one section free to start drying.
Step 2
: Using a barrel brush, begin at the bottom and work your way up. Point the concentrator nozzle down at an angle of your tresses, and slowly work it towards the scalp. For very straight hair, keep your hair taut as you pull down and dry.
Step 3
: Once a section is fully dry, twist your hair with the brush as you pull it out, this will help give it a nice curl and bounce.

Repeat the steps for all sections and, to finish, run your fingers through your hair.

How to Blow-Dry Wavy Hair
If you want to embrace your waves and simply define them with a blow-dry, try these simple steps:

Step 1: Braid your hair into about ten sections.
Step 2
: Using only the nozzle, with no attachments, set the hair dryer on medium heat and dry the individual sections well.
Step 3:
When your hair is completely dry, carefully remove the braids.
Step 4
: Attach the diffuser and spray a little sea salt spray product on the waves and scrunch them with your hands to achieve that ‘fresh-out-of-the-surf’ look.

For a super funky look, you can also use the twisting method. Section your hair off, then twist each section as you blow-dry it. Choose the thickness of the twists, but remember that the thicker each twist, the longer you’ll have to dry it.

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair
The best tip for doing a curly blow-dry and keeping your curls healthy is preparation. At least once a week, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment and leave it in for well over 30 minutes!

Step 1: Apply a leave-in conditioner to the tips only, as it can flatten the hair at the roots if applied too near the scalp.
Step 2
: Use the ‘plopping’ method to dry your hair; wrap it in a t-shirt and let it dry naturally until about 60-80% dry. Never use a towel as this can cause frizziness and breakages.
Step 3
: Use a thermal heat protection spray or cream; cream works best for thick hair, while a spray is better for thin hair.
Step 4
: Turn your head upside down and let your curls drop naturally. Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer to evenly distribute the air through your locks. At this stage, you can also apply a styling gel. Work it gently through your hair with your hands, helping to separate and define your curls, if needed.
Step 5
: Take a section of your hair and direct the diffuser to it, moving your fingers around so that each strand is evenly dried. Repeat throughout your hair.
Step 6
: If you want to blow-dry your hair for volume, flick your hair gently from side to side whilst drying; moving it frequently creates volume in the roots and the curls.

And there you have it, our simple guide to blow-drying your hair, no matter what look you’re going for. Check out our range of innovative hair dryers and straighteners to find the right product for you.