Thanks for Grooving with Us! Thanks for Grooving with Us!

Contest Period: 04/01/2016–02/28/2017 (Submissions Closed)

Thanks to all the cool movers and shakers who shared the fun during Panasonic’s eneloop Dance Contest. Entries have now closed.
We hope you had as much fun dancing and shooting your videos as we did watching them!
Check out our archive section on this page to see your friends from around the world moving to the eneloopy song, and stay tuned for more fun events coming soon!

About the Campaign About the Campaign

Contest Period (Now Closed)

Ran from: 04/01/2016–02/28/2017

For this event, we created a dance to express the concept behind eneloop rechargeable batteries. Participants danced it by repeating a six-second pattern five times, and submitted videos of their performances on our contest site. We selected some of our favorites each month and published them on the global Panasonic eneloop website. Together, we “Looped the Groove” and united the world for a sustainable future!

Lyrics and choreography of eneloop song Lyrics and choreography of eneloop song

Loop the Groove!

I love you, I love you
Oh the Earth, how I love you
Green Clean, Green Clean
Hearts and minds on ecology
Hey there people, do you know
It’s flexible, strong to go go go
Magic words you should know,
Loop Loop eneloop
Happy! Lucky! Powerful. A Miracle!
Loop Loop eneloop!

Keeps time on our clock (Tick tocking)
Makes all our games rock (Rocking)
Help us in living free
Recharge our lives, great energy
It’s pretty cool, as a battery.
Save the Earth, Save the Earth
Let’s all help, Save the Earth
Green Clean, Green Clean
Hearts and minds on ecology
Always your faithful friend
One upon which you can depend
Magic words here again,
Loop Loop eneloop!
Happy! Lucky! Powerful! A Miracle!
Loopy Loopy eneloopy!

Color of the ocean (Go fishy)
Clear skies in motion (Hey birdy)
Happy blue, the color of the Earth
Planet Earth, our treasured world
Your faithful friend, eneloopy!

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