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15 years of rechargeable energy 15 years of rechargeable energy

Since 2005, eneloop has been leading the world of battery power towards a more sustainable future.
From the very first release of eneloop’s rechargeable battery in Japan to world-wide product
launches - rechargeable energy has always been at the heart of everything we do.
Explore our journey and learn how eneloop is generating a lifestyle powered by rechargeable energy.



The eneloop rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery becomes the first released on the Japanese market on November 14, 2005. First-generation products could be recharged up to 1,000 times. Sizes were limited to AA. The product was offered as an alternative to regular dry batteries. The "eneloop" name was based on the concept of recycling energy.


First anniversary campaign

As part of eneloop's 1st Anniversary Campaign, a battery checker in the shape of product mascot "eneloopy" is offered as a gift to customers. As production was limited to 5,000 units and the checker was not available for sale, it became a collectable item, and generated interest among consumers.

Winter limited-edition

Our "eneloop winter special" products are released with a unique package design featuring a Christmas tree or snow-crystal motif.

AAA-size batteries and spacer

By 2006, eneloop was available in both AA and AAA sizes. A spacer was released, allowing AA sizes to fit devices accepting C- or D-size batteries—ideal for temporary or emergency use.

eneloop universe products

The first eneloop universe products are released, starting with the eneloop solar charger and eneloop kairo. The series expanded our “loop of energy” concept to home appliances.

eneloop solar charger

eneloop kairo


eneloop anka

The eneloop universe series expands with the introduction of the eneloop anka portable rechargeable warmer. The versatile cordless warmer could be used in a number of applications, such as on the sofa, in the office, and during sleep.

eneloop mobile booster

The first models in the eneloop mobile booster series are released. The product recharged USB-compatible mobile devices such as mobile phones using a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Its compact form made it ideal for travel.


Products introduced at G8 Summit

Our eneloop universe products are introduced as part of an environmental showcase during the Hokkaido Toyako Summit, raising world leaders' awareness of sustainable technology.

eneloop D and C size

D-size eneloop had triple the capacity of AA eneloop cells (when fitted to appliances accepting D-size cells and used with a spacer) to deliver greater endurance (1.6 times longer operation for C size).

eneloop universe products expanded

An eneloop rechargeable solar light, eneloop soft warmer, and an updated eneloop kairo join the eneloop universe family. The solar light captured energy from the sun via an efficient HIT® panel and stored it for illumination at night, while the cordless lap blanket offered comfort to users anywhere.

eneloop air fresher

Portable recharging eneloop air fresher is released as part of the eneloop universe family. This compact air purifier effectively inhibited airborne viruses, allergens such as pollen, and smell from cigarettes and pets.


Shipments surpass 100 million cells

The accumulated total eneloop battery shipments reaches 100 million since the product was first introduced in 2005.

Recharge cycles increased to 1,500

Second-generation eneloop AA and AAA batteries are released with 1,500-cycle recharging capability.

eneloop tones

Featuring a colorful crayon motif, eneloop tones comprised eight different-colored AA batteries packaged together. Only a limited run of eneloop tones was produced to celebrate 100 million product shipments.

eneloop portable solar

An eneloop portable solar set (SSL-SBWL3AS/SBSL3AS) joins the eneloop universe product lineup. This portable solar panel with built-in battery gave people the ability to store and use solar energy more easily.

eneloop lamp

The eneloop universe expands again with the introduction of the rechargeable eneloop lamp (ENL-Y1S). The combined lamp and torchlight was intended for indoor use and featured a contact-less charging system, allowing the user to simply place it on its stand to recharge.

eneloop neck warmer

A rechargeable eneloop neck warmer (ENW-NW1S) is added to the eneloop universe product series. With a built-in heating system, this lightweight accessory was ideal for winter sports and cycling.


Shipments reach 150 million cells

Accumulated total shipments of eneloop battery cells reach 150 million globally, an increase of as much as 50 million units in just one year.

eneloop tones glitter

Eight different-colored batteries are packaged together, including a limited-edition glitter series containing purple, pink, orange, yellow, bright green, bright blue, silver, and black, and all with a sparkly glitter finish.

eneloop lite

A lower-capacity eneloop lite product is released for general household use. This affordable series was ideal for devices with low-to-medium power consumption, such as clocks and remote controllers. White base cell design for overseas, and lite blue design for Japan.

eneloop music booster

With a 9 V DC rechargeable internal battery, the eneloop music booster (KBC-9VS) could be used to power 9 V-compatible devices. A three-step lamp indicated remaining battery level to minimize the chance of interrupted operation.

eneloop waist warmer

This lightweight rechargeable waist warmer incorporated a built-in heater to gently warm the wearer's stomach and waist. It fitted comfortably and wasn't noticeable when worn under clothing, and proved ideal for use at home or in the office.


200 million cells shipped

eneloop builds on its global popularity with accumulated total shipments of 200 million battery cells.

eneloop global Facebook page

As the social networking phenomenon continued to grow around the world, eneloop establishes a Facebook page to communicate and share information with fans more effectively.

1,800-cycle eneloop released

New eneloop cell released with the capability to be recharged up to 1,800 times, a 20 percent increase over the previous model. The product further reduced self-discharge with energy retention of 70 percent after five years in storage.

eneloop pro

A high-capacity eneloop pro AA-size cell is developed and released in 2011. The product is ideal for powering high-current-dependent devices such as camera strobe flashes, wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers, and radio-controlled toys.

eneloop plus

An eneloop plus AA-size battery is released featuring enhanced safety technology. The product, aimed at parents with small children, was designed to prevent overheating and short-circuit in the event of accidental misuse.

eneloop tones chocolat

Available in packages of four or eight batteries in various colors, the limited chocolat series was released to celebrate 200 million shipments and featured food-themed colors: champagne, curacao, orange peel, chocolat, café mocha, café au lait, blanc, and green tea.


Shipments exceed 300 million

Accumulated total eneloop battery shipments surpass 300 million, representing another huge year-on-year growth surge as more people recognize the benefits of rechargeable batteries.

eneloop uomo and rouge

Stylish eneloop uomo (HR-3UTGB8UTM) and rouge (HR-3UTGB8RTM) packages are released in a range of cool colors.

Limited Disney character models

Officially approved limited-edition battery designs go on sale to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Walt Disney's birth.


Product rebranding

The eneloop brand is now known as Panasonic eneloop.

2,100-cycle eneloop cell released

Fourth-generation eneloop AA/AAA-size batteries are released, now with the ability to be reused 2,100 times.* The product can be used immediately, even five years after the previous charge.

*Battery life based on testing method established by IEC 61951-2 2011 ( Varies according to conditions of use.

eneloop tones tropical

A limited-edition eneloop battery series featuring a tropical color scheme hits store shelves.

eneloop tones glamorous

A limited run of glamor-themed eneloop cells is issued featuring Pixie Gold, Leopard, Pink, and Pixie Silver colors.


Panasonic eneloop goes global

Panasonic-branded eneloop cells are shipped to overseas markets for the first time.

eneloop tones forest

Limited-edition eneloop cells finished in forest colors, including Green Camo, Desert Khaki, Silver Camo, and Emergency Orange is released for fashion and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hello Kitty edition

Popular Japanese animated character Hello Kitty features on a limited series of eneloop batteries for distribution in Asia.


10th anniversary

To celebrate eneloop's 10th birthday, Panasonic launches a special website.

Shipments exceed 330 million

Accumulated total eneloop battery shipments reaches 330 million in March.

eneloop tones organic

eneloop tones organic is launched to European region

eneloop tones mono

eneloop tones mono is launched to oceania region

eneloop solar storage

Panasonic eneloop’s most advanced, cost-effective, and long-lasting solar LED light and portable device recharging solution is launched with the specific objective of bringing safe and reliable light to people without electrical access.


eneloop tones ocean

eneloop tones ocean is launched


eneloop tones expedition

eneloop tones expedition is launched to European region under the promotion themeed 2100 expedition.


eneloop tones botanic

eneloop tones botanic is launched in European region


Shipments exceed 500 million units

Panasonic eneloop global battery shipments reach a cumulative total of 500 million units in September 2019.

eneloop tones earth

eneloop tones earth is launched to European region.

BQ-CC87 USB Input & Output Quick Charger

Panasonic eneloop BQ-CC87 USB Input & Output Quick Charger is launched.