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Information-Rich Battery Status LCD

A full battery management solution to protect and care for your eneloop investment.
LCD Status shows voltage/operation time remaining; an Eco Counter (number of batteries saved); End of Life advanced warnings; Abnormality Detection for incompatible batteries; Maintenance Mode information; and Discharge Function including battery condition. Intuitive information to prevent device downtime while extending battery performance.

Charge mobiles via USB port (DC OUT)

Plug your charger to an AC cable and connect your smartphone via USB cable* to charge your device.

*USB cable sold separately.

Refresh (Discharge) Function / Maintenance Charging

Batteries are gently charged, drained to check their condition, and refilled, refreshing your eneloop batteries.
Maintenance Charging checks for batteries that have been over-discharged or overheated, and switches individual batteries to an appropriate charging mode to restore performance.
Charge speed is regulated to stop overheating, while roll-off approaching full capacity is gentle to prevent overcharging.

Other Benefits

  • Displays Battery Status on LCD, during Charging and Discharging
  • Shows Capacity, Voltage, Time, and Wh
  • Features Refresh (Discharge) Mode
  • Input type: AC
  • Charges Mobile Devices via USB Port
  • Rapid charging
  • Charging Time: Approx. 1.5 Hours (eneloop AA x 1 to 2), Approx. 3 Hours (eneloop AA x 3 to 4), Approx. 2 Hours (eneloop pro AA x 1 to 2), Approx. 4 Hours (eneloop pro AA x 3 to 4)
  • Accepts AA x 1 to 4 / AAA x 1 to 4
  • Individual control
  • Smart Charge: Detects voltage and stops charging before overflow for longer battery life.
  • Auto voltage
  • Dimensions: 88 (W) x 147 (L) x 40 (H) mm
  • Weight: 225 g (Excluding AC cord)

Sales by country

CIS, Europe

How to Use How to Use

Charge : Step 1

Place batteries in the slots according to the polarity position (+/-) indicated on each slot.

If a AAA battery is inserted from the (+) end first, the (-) terminal on the charger might be damaged.

Charge : Step 2

Combinations of up to four AA or AAA batteries AA size 1-4 pcs

Each battery is charged individually.
You can charge any combination of four pieces of AA/AAA batteries.

Charge : Step 3

Plug the charger into a standard 100-240V AC outlet.
The battery indicators blink as diagnosis of the current battery charge starts.

Charge : Step 4

Check the LCD screen.
The total number of batteries charged will be displayed.
Charging Status is displayed.

Charge : Step 5

When charging is complete. "FULL" is displayed.

REFRESH function : Step 1

Insert batteries and press the REFRESH button for about 1 second.
After discharging is complete, charging starts. When charging is compete, "FULL" is displayed.

REFRESH function : Step 2

required time: Approx. 13 hours for 4 AA (1900 to 2000 mAh) batteries

USB output function : Step 1

You can use CC65 as an AC adapter. (It does not allow you to use the batteries in the charger as a power supply.) Connect the charger to a standard 100 to 240V AC outlet.
Connect a USB Type A cable (not included) to the USB-OUT port.

USB output function : Step 2

Press the USB OUT button to start ourput.

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Smart & Quick

input : AC
Charging time :
1.5 hrs (2 AA)

input : USB
Charging time :
2.25 hrs (2 AA)



Can I use a different brand charger for my eneloop batteries?


We always recommend charging your eneloop rechargeable batteries with an eneloop or Panasonic charger. However, most of the other manufacturers’ chargers will also be able to charge your eneloop batteries, but we cannot guarantee optimal charging and functioning of your eneloop batteries as specifications of these chargers are slightly different depending on manufacturer.
Panasonic/eneloop chargers are specifically built to match the characteristics of their batteries in order to maximize their performance.
Possible problems which could occur when using another manufacturer’s charger:

  1. Repeatedly overcharging the batteries => Leakage and service life shortening
  2. Incomplete charging of batteries => Leakage and service life shortening
  3. Deterioration of terminals due to abnormal heat => Service life shortening


What should I do when there is a sizzling noise coming out of the charger during the charging process?


This is a vibration noise which occurs when electric current flows through a transformer or a winding wire inside a component part. However, the charger may still be used without any concern as there is no need to worry from a safety point of view.


Can Ni-MH chargers charge other battery types such as Alkaline, Zinc carbon, Lithium and NI-Cd?


Panasonic strongly advocates not attempting to charge primary batteries such as alkaline, zinc carbon, or lithium, using Ni-MH chargers. Alkaline batteries are not designed for recharging, and doing so could cause leakage and in the worst case lead to the batteries exploding.


How to discharge a battery?


If you want a battery to discharge completely, it’s best to use a specialised charger with a refresh functionality.
Another way is to put a battery in a flashlight or other device and let it stay on until the battery is empty. Do note that we do not recommend this method, as it may cause over discharge and shorter battery life. Discharging with any device other than a specialised charger may cause irreversible damage to your batteries.
Note: all Panasonic batteries come pre-charged. Therefore, it is not necessary to discharge and recharge them before you use them.