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Charge devices via

BQ-CC75 has a DC 5 V USB OUT function that enables use as an AC adapter to charge your personal devices. This is useful if only one AC outlet is available and you want to top up your phone without unplugging the battery charger. Once your device is connected to the charger via a USB cable, a light goes on to indicate the device is being charged. After the device is charged, unplug the USB cable and the batteries begin charging again. 

Note: Batteries inserted in the BQ-CC75 cannot be used to charge a device via the DC 5 V USB OUT function (AC power connection is required). USB charging cable not included.

Individual Charge Control

BQ-CC75 features Individual Charge Control, which means you can charge any mix of one, two, three, or four eneloop or eneloop pro batteries in AA or AAA sizes simultaneously, even those with different capacities. Each slot has its own LED that shines green while charging. Once the battery is full, the light below its slot turns off. 

Battery checker with
LED indicators

The charger checks if the installed batteries can be charged. If a battery is inserted incorrectly or a dry battery is installed, the light below its slot flashes green, and the power supply to the affected slot is shut off for safety.

Safety System

Safety Timer Protection
Hardware Protection
Overload Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Dry Battery Detection
Reverse Polarity Protection

Supported battery combinations

Individual Charge Control allows you to recharge any combination of up to four AA/AAA eneloop and eneloop pro, even single batteries or a mix with different sizes and capacities. Minus Delta V Control detects when a battery is full and shuts down individual slots just after battery overflow to prevent overcharging.

Using your battery charger

Step 1

Insert the batteries into the slots according to the indicated polarity (+/-). When inserting a battery, you should fit the battery's negative terminal end first and then gently press the top of the battery into the slot. Pull out the positive terminal end first when removing the battery.

Note: Inserting the positive (+) terminal end of AAA batteries first may risk damaging the charger.

Step 2

Connect the charger to an AC outlet. The LED indicators may blink for a short time while the batteries are checked.

Note: BQ-CC75 supports AC 100–240 V power. The plug configuration varies depending on the region of sale.

Step 3

After checking is complete, the light below the slot turns solid green to indicate that the installed battery is being charged. If an invalid battery is inserted or a battery is installed incorrectly, the light below its slot flashes green, and power to that slot is shut down to prevent damage to the battery and charger.

Step 4

When a battery is fully charged, the light turns off. Minus Delta V Control detects when a battery is full and shuts down power to that slot just after battery overflow to prevent overcharging.

Step 5

Unplug the charger from the AC outlet and remove the batteries from the charger as soon as possible after charging.



AC 100–240 V

Charging time

eneloop: Approx. 7 hours (1–4x AA)
eneloop pro: Approx. 9 hours (1–4x AA)

Note: Charging times are approximate and may vary depending on the temperature and battery condition.


4-LED indicator (1 color), LED (1 color) for DC 5 V USB OUT function


AA: 1 to 4 eneloop or eneloop pro batteries
AAA: 1 to 4 eneloop or eneloop pro batteries

Note: Charger accepts up to four AA/AAA batteries in any combination.

Charge control

Individual Charge Control (Individually charges any combination of 1–4x AA/AAA batteries)

Safety charge

Minus Delta V (Detects voltage and stops charging just after overflow)

Input voltage detection

Auto Voltage (AC 100–240 V, use anywhere in the world)

Note: Plug configuration varies by region of sale.


68 (W) x 121 (L) x 28 (H) mm


Approx. 110 g (AC plug [A-plug])

Charging time estimates at room temperature


Charging time
1–4 pcs.


2450–2550 mAh

9 hours

1900–2000 mAh

7 hours

950–1000 mAh

3.5 hours


900–950 mAh

7 hours

750–800 mAh

6 hours

550–650 mAh

5 hours

Note: Charging times shown in the table are approximate and can vary depending on temperature and battery condition.

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