Lumix GH6 Global Gateway Page

Lumix GH6 Global Gateway Page


Introducing the new LUMIX GH6 - our latest flagship model of the LUMIX Mirrorless Camera System. Since the introduction of the first LUMIX GH series camera in 2009, our photo/video-hybrid system has evolved with innovative features demanded by professionals, and now it has become renowned by creators worldwide as a first-choice tool thanks to its performance, mobility and rugged design. With the LUMIX GH6 we are continuing to break the boundaries of digital mirrorless cameras.

[Mystery Box] with GH6

Jacob Schwarz is an American based film director and cinematographer. As a visual storyteller, he always strives to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. He has never been afraid to experiment with new technologies and techniques, to help tell stories that inspire the human spirit.

Watch below his latest work shot on the LUMIX GH6 in collaboration with Mystery Box.

JACOB SCHWARZ  [Mystery Box] with GH6


Japanese cinematographer, creative director, colourist and the president of his film company, Osamu Hasegawa is a creator renowned for his unique camera work and production style that draws the audience into an immersive experience. His hands-on approach to the end-to-end creative process focuses on bringing out the maximum potential of the subject matter which often relies on improvisational response to the moment. 

Watch below his latest work shot on the LUMIX GH6.


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