Forward-looking energy solutions

Sustainable energy solutions from Panasonic - clean, climate-friendly energy for your home

Forward-looking energy solutions

Photovoltaic Solar Modules

Panasonic Solar Modules.

Panasonic’s HIT Solar Panels in Fujisawa – a smart city in Japan.

Photovoltaic systems are enjoying increasing popularity and are playing a progressively important role in sustainable and decentralized power generation. The technology makes an essential contribution to the decarbonization of society in connection with the fight against climate change.

Panasonic HIT® Power photovoltaic solar panels are the industry leaders in solar conversion efficiency. This means you get more power from each solar panel, making the most of the space on your roof. Speaking of the roof, our sleek black design creates an elegant look. The panels are backed by a power guarantee so you can be sure that they will work as they should and will perform at the highest level over time.

Heat Pumps

Indoor module Panasonic Aquarea combination hydro module

Indoor module of an Air-to-Water Aquarea heat pump from Panasonic.

Panasonic manufactures efficient heat pumps with different technologies. Heat pumps are renewable solutions for heating your home and water in your home. One advantage: You use existing heat in the house, which is more efficient than generating new heat.

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell supported by Panasonic.

Whilst Panasonic is already a market leader under its own name in Japan, in Europe Panasonic supplies the fuel cells through a partner.  More than 10,000 of Panasonic premium heating systems, which produce heat and electricity, have already been installed in Europe. This product enables homeowners to generate electricity while they heat their homes with a "fuel cell heater".

Energy solutions for CO2 reduction - a contribution to a sustainable society

Learn more about the Smart City “Future Living Berlin” and how Panasonic has been able to support with the knowledge and experience in strategic green energy technologies.

These examples underline the "Environmental Vision 2050”:

Panasonic has set itself the goal of providing society with more sustainably-generated energy than it actually uses.