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Product Catalog

Browse our product catalog and see the full range of Air Solution products - technical specifications and product details.

Single Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Residential Air Conditioners MM 2023/2024

Residential Air Conditioners WS ACS KKE 2023/2024

Multi Split Air Conditioner

Cooling Only Multi Split R32 Inverter 2023/2024

Heat Pump Multi Split Inverter 2021/2022

Heat Pump Multi Split Inverter 2020/2021

Cooling Only Multi Split R410A Inverter

Cooling Only Multi Split R410A Inverter 2017/2018

Single Split Packaged Air Conditioner

PAC Full Line-up 2023/2024

R32 Inverter NX Series 2022/2023

R32 Non Inverter 2020/2021

R410A Non Inverter Fresh Series 2021/2022

R32/R410A Inverter Floor Standing 2022/2023

R32 Heat Pump Inverter 2022/2023


VRF Full Line-up 2023/2024

Absorption Chillers

Absorption Chillers General Catalog

Control System

Panasonic AC Cloud Solution

Fan/Ventilating Fan

Fan Catalog 2023

Ceiling Fan Wi-Fi Series Catalog

Ceiling Fan F-60FEN

Electrical Construction Materials General Catalogue 2020

Thermo Ventilator

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Air Purifier

Air Purifier General Catalog

Air Purifier General Catalog

Dehumidifier General Catalog

nanoe™ X Generator F-GPT01A