Production Lines That Flow Like Water

Production Takumi Yuko Koyama
General Manager Product Engineering Department

Yuko Koyama

“We designed more than 100 production lines in 13 factories to our own specification, and built some facilities from scratch. We regard facilities as measures, so our factories are our value creators.

The challenge is to constantly improve our production so it flows like water. Some of the lines designed by our predecessors are still in operation 50 years on, a legacy of our forerunners.

There’s still much to learn from our old facilities, while cutting-edge ideas, technologies, and systems can also give us a lot. By fusing these, we strive to create new value.”

1000 Different Products for
1000 Different Clients

Specialized Batteries Takumi Koji Hikida
Plant Superintendent Micro Battery Plant

Koji Hikida

“All over the world, people’s lives are supported by different kinds of energy. For example, when using the Internet of Things (IoT) for social infrastructure, a variety of specialized batteries for a range of applications are required.

We supply over 1,000 kinds of batteries to 1,000 clients, including coin- and cylinder-type primary lithium batteries.

These batteries are used in technology ranging from the automotive industry to ultra-cutting-edge applications in outer space. As battery creators, we are committed to responding to those demands.”