Committed to Perfection

Quality Control Takumi Naoto Wakabayashi

Naoto Wakabayashi

“Our products are tested in several dozen different types of devices to JIS/IEC standards, in addition to our own (even more rigorous) quality standards. Hundreds of thousands of products are tested in our labs each year.

We use a wide variety of testing equipment, including discharge devices that enable testing in different conditions, and a storage chamber that simulates every possible environment. We identify problems and counter them with solutions before actual defects can occur.

Our goal is to continue to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.”

Winning the Quality Race in Space

Quality Management Takumi Kazuyuki Amano

Kazuyuki Amano

“The asteroid explorers Hayabusa and Hayabusa II launched with Panasonic lithium batteries. Our batteries were used in an orbit-correcting device and a beacon for activation when returning to Earth.

After a seven-year journey covering six billion kilometers, the asteroid explorer Hayabusa returned home. Its reentry capsule, carrying accumulated research data, separated from the main spacecraft at an altitude of about 17,000 km and entered Earth’s atmosphere.

Panasonic BR Series cylinder-type lithium primary batteries were installed in the reentry capsule as a power-source for the beacon used to transmit its landing spot. Since no errors are permitted when conducting space development business, as huge amount of money is spent on these projects, batteries of the best quality are required.”