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For a sustainable lifestyle For a sustainable lifestyle

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in November 2020, eneloop combines the power and convenience of dry batteries with the eco-friendly cost efficiency of rechargeables. Every time you reuse eneloop, you’re not only saving money, you’re saving our beautiful blue planet.

Recharge Up to 2,100 times*1

Each time you recharge, you’re saving on the cost of replacement batteries and reducing waste at the same time.

*1 Battery life based on testing method established by IEC 61951-2 2011 ( 600 times based on IEC 61951-2 2017 ( Varies according to conditions of use.

Save Real Money

Including charger and electricity, eneloop saves you about US$20 annually running just one game controller*2. Before eneloop replacement, you’ll have saved hundreds.

*2 Based on a game controller with 4 x AA batteries playing for two hours per day for one year. Dry batteries total cost US$48.70 operated for 30 hours (24.33 purchases required/year). eneloop operation costs US$30.10 operated for 25 hours, with 29.2 charges required. Includes average cost of charger and electricity.

Stop Waste

Every time you recharge, you’re saving a battery from the trash, reducing your impact on the environment. It will be the last battery you buy in a long time.

The eneloop advantage The eneloop advantage

Dry-battery vs. eneloop
Especially in high-current devices, eneloop offers better discharge than dry batteries at a stable voltage.

Voltage change compared with dry–cell batteries
Under a continuous discharge at 500 mA, 25 °C

Note: In case of 500 mA discharge

A Deeper Reserve of Power
A digital camera equipped with eneloop can take nearly four-and-a-half times as many shots as one equipped with a standard alkaline dry cell.

Digital camera shots with eneloop vs. dry cell

Longer life and better reliability - eneloop managed 4.4 times*3 more shots vs. Alkaline

*3 Based on Panasonic internal testing of AA size eneloop and conventional alkaline. Results may vary depending on equipment used and other conditions.

Retains 70%*4 capacity after ten years in storage

By improving the metal-hydride alloy lattice, eneloop retains 70%*4 capacity even after 10 years in storage.

*4 Capacity retention based on testing method established by IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2) when stored at 20℃ (based on Panasonic’s estimation) and compared with minimum capacity. Varies according to conditions of use.

High performance in tough conditions

Maintains high performance throughout a wide -20 ℃ to 50 ℃ temperature range*5. Great for outdoor activities such as skiing or hiking!

Unlike other batteries, eneloop delivers excellent performance at 0 ℃ and can even be used in temperatures as low as -20 ℃

*5 Operation time will be shorter than that at room temperature. Operating time varies according to equipment.

Discharging characteristics at 0 ℃ (500 mA continuous discharge)

Note: Operation time will be shorter than that at room temperature, Operating time varies according to equipment.

Charge control system