The Green Certificate System and eneloop
The Green Certificate System and eneloop

As part of our participation in the Green Certificate system, we use solar power to charge eneloop batteries prior to sale.

Recharging your eneloop battery using solar energy will help in our aim of creating a “Clean Energy Loop”. The earth receives the same amount of clean, inexhaustible energy from in the sun in one hour as all the energy expended in the world in one year combined. We are working to find new ways for people to harness this power in their daily lives.

We still have a long way to go before we can rely solely on solar power, but it’s our ultimate goal to eventually be able to live on renewable energy. We want to reduce the cost of solar power, and increase the amount we can generate. The Green Certificate energy-trading system is one way we can work towards achieving both those goals.

We proudly participate in the Green Certificate program to help bring us all closer to a Clean Energy Loop lifestyle. Those who choose
eneloop batteries can feel they are contributing, like us, to the future of solar power and a cleaner lifestyle.

While it might not happen overnight, we are taking significant steps towards a world powered by clean, sustainable energy, and a better future for our children.

Green Certificate Trading System

Electricity generated by renewable means has significant environmental value, such as reducing the amount of damaging carbon emissions put into the atmosphere, and the use of energy in a more efficient way.

By participating in the Green Certificate trading system, electricity consumers can own environmental “value” in tradable certificates by paying a premium on the regular price of electricity. The owner can then announce that fact to the public.

Purpose of Green Certificates

- Owning Green Certificates contributes to positive environmental action by companies and local governments that have difficulty in owning green power generating facilities.

- Electricity suppliers can sell the environmental value as Green Certificates, and use the money to invest in “green” power-generating facilities. This will eventually lead to an increase in the amount of green power available.