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Avoiding heat generation, ruptures, and leakage Avoiding heat generation, ruptures, and leakage

Never get the (+) and (-) ends the wrong way

Devices that use three or more batteries may still operate even if batteries are installed incorrectly, so be careful! It is dangerous if you leave the batteries installed incorrectly.

* Size C and D alkaline batteries have a high power output; it is recommended to choose batteries with a safety cutoff feature in case of incorrect installation.

Never dismantle, modify, solder, or apply heat to batteries

Mistreating batteries can damage the insides and lead to accidents

Never allow batteries to short-circuit

Do not store or carry batteries in the same bags or containers as other metal objects like necklaces. Batteries may short-circuit if the (+) or (-) poles come into contact with metal.

Never mix different batteries

Mixing new and old batteries, or batteries of different types or brands will not only reduce lifespan but can be dangerous.

Never leave old batteries inside devices

If you don’t remove expired batteries and just leave them connected, this may lead to leakage which can damage your device.

Never recharge primary batteries

Recharging batteries which are not labelled “rechargeable” can damage the insides and lead to accidents..

Never remove the outer label

If the outer label is removed or damaged, the battery may dangerously short-circuit.

Don’t forget to switch off

This is the biggest cause of leakage. If you are not going to use the device for a long period, it is recommended to remove the batteries.

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Consult a doctor immediately in case of batteries being swallowed Consult a doctor immediately in case of batteries being swallowed

Swallowing can lead to nausea, stomachache, darkening of the stool, diarrhea, rashes, or even holes in the walls of the stomach. Do not forcibly try to vomit as this may cause the battery to get stuck in the esophagus. Instead consult a doctor immediately.

If you can bring along the remaining batteries that were with the swallowed battery, the doctor will know what size, type, and number of batteries have been swallowed which will help with treatment.

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How to prevent a battery leak How to prevent a battery leak

If battery acid comes into contact with your body or clothing, wash it off immediately

Battery acid can damage the skin, so wash it off with water immediately. If acid gets into the eyes, wash immediately with clean water and consult a doctor.

Wipe off leakage well

If you notice any leakage, wipe it off with a cotton bud or similar. Acid may have leaked inside the device, so it is best to consult with a retailer.

* Always wash your hands afterwards. Never use batteries that have leaked.