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LUMIX Ambassadors

Cynthia Bil

| CITY | Bruges | COUNTRY | Belgium

"It's important for me that I can travel light. The Lumix cameras are the perfect equipment to take with me on my adventures. They're small, light and very versatile. With the weather sealed body of the Lumix G9 I'm not afraid to take out the camera in challenging weather conditions and thanks to the powerful features, I have such a range of creative options that I can create high-quality images in any place or situation."

Cynthia Bil is the co-founder, writer and photographer of the outdoor and adventure travel blog Journal of Nomads. In 2011 she left her home and her job as a school teacher to travel the world full-time. She's been living as a nomad ever since.
Photography was merely a hobby when Cynthia was still living in Belgium but during her travels she developed her passion and skills to such level that she became a professional travel writer and photographer. As an intrepid traveler, she loves to go to unusual and unconventional destinations. She often seeks situations that are way beyond her comfort zone and immerse herself in cultures that are very different from her own. “With my photography and stories, I want to give people a window to a world they don't know much about. There's still so much beauty, wisdom, knowledge and opportunity to be found around us, often in unexpected places and situations.”
Cynthia has a special love for hiking and trekking in wild and untouched places. “When I'm alone in nature, get challenged by the weather elements and have to live very basic for days or even weeks in a row, that's when I feel most alive.” During the past years she lived and traveled in countries like Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

Style of Photography

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