Raid against Counterfeit Batteries Sold on Online Marketplaces

Raid Against Counterfeit Batteries Sold on Online Marketplaces
Raid Against Counterfeit Batteries Sold on Online Marketplaces

Panasonic would like to thank all its customers for your continued patronage.

Recently, it has come to our attention that there are counterfeit batteries bearing our brands for sale to Thai consumers on famous online marketplaces. These counterfeit batteries might be inferior in terms of quality and betrays our customer’s high expectations of the Panasonic brand.

For that reason, Panasonic has worked very hard to combat these fake products. A major challenge in combatting fake products sold online is that we are unable to find the actual sellers or the warehouses. We have being trying to overcome this challenge by working together with the EC Mall Lazada and by conducting investigations based on their cooperation. We shared this risk and our concerns regarding the fake products with the EC Mall/Lazada, and they kindly understand our approach. Lazada has been collaborating with brand owners such as Panasonic that share a common goal of consumer protection.

As a result, Panasonic has succeeded in a raid action against counterfeit batteries that resulted in the seizure of 82,464 counterfeit Panasonic items from an online seller, with total damages of THB 2.7 million. We respect and thank Lazada for being a truly cooperative partner, which was essential to the success of this raid.

“Panasonic has a zero tolerance policy with regard to counterfeit products, as they freeride the excellent reputation of the Panasonic brand and betray our customers’ expectations. This recent victory highlights Panasonic’s continued commitment towards protecting our beloved customers” says Mr. Julawut Kanaruk, Deputy Director (Head of Legal & Compliance, External Relations and Corporate Communication) of Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “We emphasize that we will not allow these fake products to undermine consumer trust in our brand, which we have established in Thailand over a long period of time”.

At the same time, Panasonic takes this opportunity to send a message to our customers about the importance of not buying counterfeit products, since these seized fake products end up causing a massive amount of garbage, which could cause huge environmental damage.

Therefore, we advise customers to exercise care and caution when they encounter any offers for the sale of Panasonic batteries by unauthorized retailers on the Internet, as such products sometimes turn out to be counterfeit products.

In order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products, we recommend that our customers should purchase Panasonic products from Panasonic’s certified authorized partners and trustworthy retail shops. Customers can find 100% genuine Panasonic products using the following link:

In order to protect our customers and for a better society, Panasonic will continue to monitor the market and will take decisive legal action against any sales of counterfeit goods.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support for Panasonic.