Company Name

Energy Company, Panasonic Corporation


1-1 Matsushita-cho, Moriguchi City, Osaka


October, 2021


Kazuo Tadanobu


The development, manufacture and sale of lithium-ion batteries, battery modules for storage, power storage systems, dry batteries, micro batteries, Ni-cd batteries, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries module, system etc.


Tadanobu Energy Company Panasonic Corporation

The Energy Company is globally active in dry-cell battery business that supports everyday convenience and comfort, as well as B2B business such as industrial batteries and automotive batteries that supports social infrastructure across a broad area.

Over 100 years we have been focusing on building a better world through electricity, providing solutions with batteries to the social challenges of lifestyles in each era. Earnestly seeking to come to grips with the environmental issues confronting the world now and in the future, our quest continues under our mission of achieving a sustainable society harmonizing enriched lifestyles with the environment.

With this aim in mind, we are expanding our business rapidly and flexibly to adapt to the increasing complexity and diversity of this age of change, based on our reservoir of technology development capabilities and high product quality. Buoyed by the powerful determination that this is the only path left to humanity to change the future, we are concentrating all our might to further evolve our technology, going beyond the standard concept of batteries to create a completely new type of value.

Our Mission:

Achieving a society in which the pursuit of happiness and a sustainable
environment are harmonized free of conflict.

Our Vision:

Energy that changes the future.

Kazuo Tadanobu, CEO
Energy Company
Panasonic Corporation

Organization Chart

Organization Chart


October 2021

The Energy Company is formed from the base of the energy domain of the Industrial Solutions Company, and the Tesla energy business and energy technology division of the US Company.


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1-1, Matsushita-cho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka 570-8511, Japan

Train Access: 10 mins. walk from Keihan Electric Railways Doi Station
15 mins. walk from Osaka Metro Imazatosuji Line Shimizu Station