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Senses inefficiency and saves energy

ECONAVI Sensor detects the presence or absence of people and the level of activity in each area of an office. When unnecessary heating or cooling is detected, indoor units are individually controlled to match office conditions for energy-saving operation.

Connectable with various types of indoor units

The ECONAVI sensor can be connected with various types of indoor units by setting it remotely to maximize the detection area. Installation flexibility ready for indoor unit replacement and layout changes.

[Compatible indoor units]
・4-Way Cassette
・Mini Cassette
・Twenty Series Duct
・Mid Static Duct

Image: Compatible indoor units with ECONAVI Sensor

Detection of the level of activity enables precise power saving

Image: Detection of the level of activity

The level of activity in the office and absence of people at their desks are detected in real time. Cooling or heating is automatically adjusted for optimum operation required to lower power consumption.

Human activity and presence detection

In the morning

Thorough cooling when there is a high level of activity.

Image: 5 people in the office

In the afternoon

Reduced cooling when there are fewer people.

Image: 2 men in the office

At night

Automatic Thermo Off depending on conditions at the end of the day.

Image: A man in the office

Activity Detection

Presence Detection

Higher activity

Lower activity

Short time absence

Long time absence

Cooling Set Temp.

No change

+1 °C

+2 °C

Cooling Thermo OFF / Stop

Heating Set Temp.

-1 °C

No change

-2 °C

Heating Thermo OFF / Stop

Detection Interval

Every 2 minutes

After 20 minutes absence

After 3 hours absence

Sensor is remotely located to maximize the energy saving effect

Image: Sensor is remotely located

The sensor can be installed flexibly avoiding pillars, walls, and other office equipment that obstruct the sensor. This enables accurate sensing to save energy.

Wide detection area

ECONAVI sensor detects the activity and absence of a person in a wide range of 120° up to 7m away. The indoor unit can be installed pinpoint in a place where people gather regularly, avoiding pillars and cabinets that can be blind spots, so efficient energy saving can be achieved without waste.

* The detection range is 1m or more from the floor.

Image: A wide detection area of 120° up to 7m away

Up to 15% Energy Saving with ECONAVI*

Energy-saving effect tested and verified by VRF field test

Image: A plan view of the VRF field test

* The result of 15% energy saving is based on our test under the following conditions.
[Testing conditions] Trial term: 11 Apr - 16 May 2014, Location: Panasonic Malaysia Building, Office floor: Cooling capacity 112 kW, Remote controller setting temperature: 23 ˚C, Setting time: AM7:00 - PM21:00.
[Unit used] Outdoor unit: U-20ME1E8×2, U-14ME1E8×1, Indoor unit: S-106MU1E5×9, S-56MU1E5×3.

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