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Air Curtain Standard Series


Air Curtain Standard Series

Shut Out from Your Shop
Hot Air, Insects, and Dust

By using Air Curtain to minimize air exchange between the air outdoor and indoor, and Hot air, insects and dust infiltration too. Air Curtains enables resulting in superior shut-out ability.
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Air Curtain Standard Series


High Air Velocity so Effective

An air curtain’s shut-out ability is determined by the air velocity at the center of its airflow. The powerful discharge of Panasonic Air Curtains enables them to maintain a high level of air velocity within the curtain’s efficient distance, resulting in superior shut-out ability.
High Air Velocity so Effective

Air Stream to Create a Barrier

Shop doors are frequently opened and closed; therefore, air curtains are effective. - Heating/ Cooling retention - Odor shielding - Insect-proof effect - Dust-proof effect
Air Stream to Create a Barrier

Easy Maintenance

The Cross Flow Fan can generate air current between the fan and front cover forming movement of dust that reduces accumulation of dust on the fan blade. Simple structure allows convenient cleaning of the fan - just detach the front cover and metal plate to clean product interior.
Easy Maintenance



Photo of FY-3509U1


Photo of FY-4009U1


Photo of FY-3512U1


Photo of FY-4012U1

Fan blade with glass fiber resign for high durability

Metal blade bush for high durability

Main air inlet at top allows neat image

Easy maintenance structure

Motor insulation class: B

FY-3509U1 FY-4009U1 FY-3512U1 FY-4012U1
220V 50Hz Air Volume (CMH [CFM]) High 1150 [676] 1340 [788] 1550 [912] 1700 [1000]
Low 1000 [588] 1190 [700] 1300 [765] 1530 [900]
Outlet Velocity (m/s) High 11.0 12.0 10.5 12.0
Low 9.0 10.0 8.5 10.0
Power Consumption (W) High 95 110 114 126
Low 85 94 100 105
Current (A) High 0.41 0.50 0.49 0.59
Low 0.39 0.43 0.46 0.49
Noise Level (dB[A]) High 51.0 54.5 49.0 52.5
Low 49.0 51.0 46.0 48.5
Width (mm) 900 900 1200 1200
Weight (kg) 12 12.5 14.5 15.5