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Living Fan F-307KH

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Clean breeze.
Experience the natural breeze even at home

A shorter, compact stand type electric fan. Height adjustable.
The natural and gentle, "1/f yuragi" breeze option makes this the preferred model for households with small children and elderly family members.
Equipped with an air purifying filter.
Compact electric living fan F-307KH with height adjustable to bring natural breeze
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Stand Type

A shorter, compact stand type electric fan. Ample amount of air despite of its compact size.
Adjustable height between 66 - 85cm, allowing air to reach you no matter you're sitting on the sofa or a chair.
Stand Type

Remote Control /
3 Fan Speed

Adjust the speed using the handy remote controller.
Select from 3 speeds - low, medium or high, depending on your preference.
Remote Control /  3 Fan Speed


Equipped with an off-timer. Use the remote controller to set the fan to turn off in 1, 2 or 4 hours.

What’s 1/f yuragi

"1/f yuragi" is a natural rhythm, existing in the gentle breeze across a meadow or the sound of waves, that aids in physical relaxation.
Panasonic incorporates this rhythm into the electric fan.
The automated yuragi rhythm replicates a natural breeze, creating a comfortable and cool environment.
What’s 1/f yuragi

Comment after 20 minutes usage*

Continuous Wind

Cold : 27% Comfort : 27%
Heat release at exposed body parts More.
* Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology report
Continuous Wind

1/f yuragi Wind Flow

Cold : 15% Comfort : 36%
Heat release at exposed body parts Less.
* Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology report
1/f yuragi Wind Flow

W Fuse

Panasonic's electric fans are equipped with "W Fuse" in all models.
In case of any operation abnormality, the Thermal fuse and Current fuse will stop the fan from keep on operating.
Double reliability, providing peace of mind.
Reliability W Fuse


1/f yuragi function

The attached air filter

combines Super alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin and Anti-bacteria Enzyme functions

3-speed and electronic ON/OFF switch

Wireless remote control

Color: Metallic Green or Silver


  • Model No.

    • F-307KH
  • Width

    • 30cm (12")
  • Height

    • 66cm - 85cm (26" - 33")
  • Weight (kg)

    • 4.8 kg
  • Air Delivery m³/min

    • 51
  • Air Velocity (m/min)

    • 201
  • Consumption (W)

    • 44
  • R.P.M

    • 968 -1,232
    • Note, All values in specification table are at 220V

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