DECT Phone

Question1. What should I do with the DECT phone before I can begin using it?

Put in the supplied rechargeable batteries into the handset.
Put the handset onto the base.
Connect the adaptor to the base, switch on the mains to charge the handset.
Charge the handset for more than 15 hours until the battery indicator shows 3 bars flashing.
Connect the telephone line, press and hold the RED power key a few seconds to switch on the phone.
Do not switch off the mains, as power is needed for operation of the set.

Question2. How do I make a call?

After the phone has been fully charged for the first time, dial the telephone number and press TALK key. Or press TALK key and dial the telephone number.

Question3. After charging for more than 15 hours, why is it that the phone still does not work?

Press and hold the RED POWER key for a few seconds to switch on the phone.

Question4. Why does the antenna icon on the display keep flashing?

Question5. Why am I not able to activate Call Waiting?

First of all, please check if you have subscribed to Call Waiting service. If you are, refer to base programming to set the flash time to 300m.

Question6. Why I am not able to view Call Waiting Caller ID?

Question7. How often do I need to charge the batteries?

If you wait till the battery indicator flashes, you will need to wait for more than 15 hours before the battery is fully charged.
We advise that for the first time, charge the battery for more than 15 hours until 3 bar flashes. After that you can use through the day and charge through the night.

Question8. Can I use the phone in the washroom?

You can use it as long as it does not come into contact with water.

Question9. After removing a fully charged battery and replacing it, why does it show only 1 bar?

When the battery is removed and replaced, the phone will recognise this as a change of battery and will only show 1 bar, regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or not.

Question10. I experience cut-off when using the speakerphone. What should I do?

When using the speakerphone, make sure it is in a quiet environment.Also note that only one party can talk at a time.