Digital AV

DVD Player and VCR

Question1. The DVD Player display does not illuminate. What's wrong?

The power cord has not been connected or it has not been properly connected. We suggest you check the connection of the power cord to the DVD Player.

Question2. Why does the unit automatically switch to Standby mode?

To conserve power, the unit automatically switches to standby after approximately 30 minutes in stop mode. Turn the power back to ON.
The SLEEP timer could also have switched the unit to standby. Press the SLEEP timer to turn on the unit.

Question3. Why doesn't the remote controller operate correctly on the DVD Player?

The remote controller transmitter beam is not reaching the DVD Player. Ensure that the remote controller is pointed at the DVD Player and that the transmitter beam is not obstructed.
The distance is too far. Use the remote controller within 7 meter of the DVD Player. If this still fails, replace the batteries.
The batteries are exhausted. Replace the batteries.
The batteries are incorrectly fitted with ( +/- ) reversed. Fit the batteries in correctly.

Question4. Why doesn't the DVD start to play even when the PLAY button is pressed? Why does the DVD start to play but then stops immediately?

The disc may be dirty and may require cleaning.
Ensure that the disc is installed with the label of the side to play facing upwards.

Question5. Why is it that alternative languages fail to be selected?

Alternative languages cannot be selected with discs which do not contain more than one language. In the case of some discs, the alternative language cannot be selected with the [AUDIO] or [SUBTITLE]. Try selecting it from the disc's menu if one is available.

Question6. Why is there no menu play?

Menus are only displayed if they are recorded on the disc.

Question7. Why are there no subtitles?

Subtitles appear only with discs that contain them.

Question8. Why is it that the soundtrack and subtitle language is not the one selected with the SET UP menu?

The language selected is not recorded on the disc.

Question9. Why can't the angle be changed?

This function is dependent on software availability. Even if a disc has a number of angles recorded, these angles may be recorded for specific screens only.

Question10. Why does the DIALOGUE ENHANCER have no effect?

This feature does not work when the unit outputs bitstream signals.

Question11. I have forgotten my ratings password. How do I reset all the settings to factory preset?

While at stop, press and hold the [SKIP BACKWARD] and [PAUSE] buttons on the unit. At the same time, press and hold the [OPEN/CLOSE] button on the unit until "Initialised" disappears from the television. Turn the unit off and on again. All settings will return to the default values.

Question12. There is no picture shown on the television. What should I do?

Ensure the television's video input setting (e.g., AV1) is correct and the equipment is connected properly.

Question13. There is ghosting when progressive output is on. What should I do?

Press [PROGRESSIVE OUT] so that the indicator goes out. This problem is caused by the editing method or material used on DVD-Video, but should be corrected if you use interface output.

Question14. The picture is off centre when progressive output is switched on. What can I do to correct this?

Adjust the horizontal position in the "On-Screen Menu" Icons' Picture Menu.

Question15. Why is it that no sound is reproduced from the DVD Player?

The AV cord is not connected correctly. Please check that the connections are linked correctly.
Audio input is not selected properly and/or the volume is set too low. Check that the audio input selection is correct and adjust the volume on the television or components of the stereo system.


You inserted a disc that cannot be played. Try to insert another disc.
You could have inserted a blank DVD.

Question17. The unit displays "CHECK". What's wrong?

The disc is dirty. Wipe it with a piece of soft and clean cloth.

Question18. Why does the unit display "No DISC"?

You haven't inserted a disc. Insert one disc.

Question19. Why does the unit display error message "H_ _"?
AReset procedure:

Press the [POWER] button to switch the unit to the standby mode and then back to ON. Alternatively, disconnect the AC power supply cord and reconnect it.
If the error message fail to clear. Please contact a qualified service person at 6222 7222.

Question20. Why is there no on-screen display on the television?

Go to Display in the SETUP menus, and select "On" for "On-Screen Messages".

Question21. The remote controller does not operate correctly on the VCR.

The remote controller transmitter beam is not reaching the VCR. Ensure that the remote controller is being pointed at the VCR and that the transmitter beam is not obstructed. OR the distance is too far. Use the remote controller within 7 m of the VCR. If this still fails, replace the batteries. OR the batteries are exhausted. Replace the batteries. OR the batteries are incorrectly fitted with ( +/- ) reversed. Fit the batteries correctly.

Question22. The picture is recorded with noise or blank on screen when viewed or played back.

The aerial or aerial plug is defective. Check the aerial connection to the VCR. Check your normal TV picture. If there is no picture on TV channels, check your aerial. OR The VCR is not correctly tuned. Retune the VCR. OR AV has been selected. Select the required TV channel.

Question23. The VCR display is not illuminated.

The power cord has not been connected or properly connected. We suggest you to check the connection of the power cord to the VCR.

Question24. The digits of the tape counter do not change during tape playback on the video cassette recorder.

You may be playing back a non-recorded part of the tape. When a non-recorded part of the tape is played back, the screen becomes blue or blank, and the tape counter does not advance.

Question25. The video cassette tape is ejected immediately after insertion.

DEW CONDENSATION displayed on the screen. Wait for a while until the indication disappears. Switch off the main power supply and switch it on once again, after waiting for a few minutes.

Question26. When the tape of the VCR is recorded from laser disc there is picture but no colour.

NTSC system switch was not selected correctly. To select the system, switch to NTSC 3.58MHZ.

Question27. The numeric charactersare displayed after "H" or "F" on the display of the VCR.

The unit is not functioning properly. Switch off the main power supply and switch it on once again, after waiting a few minutes. If the problem still occurs, contact our after-sales service for assistance.

Question28. The picture is noisy or not in colour.

The TV has not been properly tuned to the VCR. Operate TEST SIGNAL on the VCR and check the TV tuning.

Question29. Snowy and flickering picture during tape playback of the video cassette recorder.

The video head is dirty. Please request for technical service.

Question30. The video cassette tape symbol indication flashes whenever recording is attempted.

The erase prevention tab on the video cassette has been broken off. Use a tape with an intact erase prevention tab, or cover the tab hole with adhesive tape, if the original recording is no longer required.

Question31. An unknown language appears on the TV screen connected with the video cassette recorder.

The language setting has been set to the unknown language. We suggest thatyou select the desired language from the remote control "Menu" button.

Question32. The VCR display is illuminated but the VCR will not operate.

The VCR is in TIMER REC mode. OR safety devices are operating. Suggest to press TIMER REC to operate the VCR manually OR disconnect the power cord and wait for 1 minute and reconnect the power cord and check the functions.

Question33. AV external recording cannot be made with the video cassette recorder.

AV has not been selected. Select AV by pressing channel up down button. External AV connections are incorrect. Check that the connections for external video and audio sources are correct.

Question34. Timer recording of the video cassette recorder cannot function.

The clock or calendar has been incorrectly set. Suggest checking the clock and calendar. Set them to the present time. The recording starting or ending time setting is incorrect. Suggest setting the recording starting and ending time correctly. The VCR has not been set for timer recording. Suggest pressing TIMER REC after programming for timer recording.

To avoid any malfunctions of the unit and to protect against electric shocks, fire or personal injuries, please observe the following:

Hold the plug firmly when connecting or disconnecting the AC power cord.
Place the AC cord away from any heat generating appliances. Never put any heavy object on the AC power cord.
Do not attempt to repair or reconstruct the AC power cord in any way.
Keep the unit away from any liquid. If water or other liquid is spilled on/into the unit, corrosion (which would eventually lead to malfunction), electric shock or fire may possibly occur.
Do not remove the outer panel of any appliance. Touching any internal part of the unit is dangerous.
Do not put any foreign object on the disc tray. Never allow children to place anything in the disc tray of any disc player.