Digital AV

Home Audio

Question1. The sounds which should come from the right speaker is now on the left speaker and vice versa.

The left and right connections to the speakers are reversed. Ensure that the speakers are connected properly. If problem still exist, please contact our after-sales service for assistance.

Question2. The CD player display does not show the correct indication and does not play when the play button is activated.

The disc label is upside down. Set the disc with the label facing upside or right side for vertical loading. OR the disc is dirty. Wipe the disc with a piece of soft cloth. OR the disc is damaged due to scratches. Replace the disc with a new one. OR the disc is badly warped. Replace the disc with a new one. OR The disc is a non-standard one. Replace with disc which meet the standard.

Question3. "ERROR" message appears on the display of the Hi-Fi.

Wrong operation has been done. Operate the unit correctly by following the operating instruction manual.

Question4. Poor quality sound from the audio / Hi-Fi set, such as soft, intermittent, noisy and unsteady when playing on tape.

Audio head and rollers are dirty or worn out. Clean the audio head and rollers. If there is no improvement, it is probably because the audio head is worn out.

Question5. Certain tracks cannot be played correctly on the CD player.

The disc is dirty. Wipe the disc with a piece of soft and clean cloth.

Question6. The audio cassette recorder does not enter into the recording mode.

The erase-prevention tab has been removed from the cassette. Attach a piece of tape to cover the space left due to the removal of the erase-prevention tab.

Question7. When listening to music of the audio equipment / Hi-Fi, the location of the various musical instrument is not well defined.

The (+) and (-) connection to one of the speaker is reversed. Reconnect the speaker wires to the correct speaker terminal on the amplifier.

Question8. There is sound from only one speaker from the amplifier.

One of the speaker is either not connected or not connected properly. Check that the speaker connection is proper.

To avoid any malfunctions of the unit and to protect against electric shocks, fire or personal injuries, please observe the following:

Hold the plug firmly when connecting or disconnecting the AC power cord.
Place the AC cord away from any heat generating appliances. Never put any heavy object on the AC power cord.
Do not attempt to repair or reconstruct the AC power cord in any way.
Keep the unit away from any liquid. If water or other liquid is spilled on/into the unit, corrosion (which would eventually lead to malfunction), electric shock or fire may possibly occur.
Do not remove the outer panel of any appliance. Touching any internal part of the unit is dangerous.
Do not put any foreign object on the disc tray. Never allow children to place anything in the disc tray of any disc player.