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Question2. Why doesn't any picture appear?

Question3. Why is the picture fuzzy?

The lens cover may still be attached to the lens.
The lens focus may not have been set correctly.
The projector may not be at the correct distance from the screen.
The lens may be dirty.
The projector may be tilted too much.

Question4. What causes the colour to be too light / tint to be poor?

COLOUR or TINT adjustment may be incorrect.
The input source which is connected to the projector may not be adjusted correctly.

Question5. Why isn't there any sound?

The audio signal source may not be connected properly.
The volume adjustment may be at the lowest possible setting.
Make sure that the MUTE function is not activated.

Question6. My remote control unit can't seem to operate. What could be the cause?

The battery may be weak.
The battery may not be inserted correctly.
The remote control signal receptor on the projector may be obstructed.
The remote control unit may be out of the operation range.

Question7. The picture does not display correctly. What could be the problem?

Question8. Why is it that images from the computer do not appear?

The cable may be too long.
The external video output for the laptop computer may not be set correctly.
(You may be able to change the external output settings by pressing the [Fn]+[F4] or [Fn]+[F10] keys simultaneously. The actual method varies depending on the type of computer, so refer to the documentation provided with your computer for further details.)