Digital AV

Flat TV

Question1. The picture is scrambled.

The channel is not properly tuned. Please retune the channel.

Question2. The TV sometimes produces a cracking sound.

If the picture and sound are normal, it may probably be the sound from the cabinet which expands and contracts according to change of the room/set temperature. This is not a malfunction.

Question3. The Remote Control does not work.

The remote controller transmitter beam is not reaching the receiving window on the TV. Ensure that the remote controller is being pointed at the TV and that the transmitter beam is not obstructed. OR the distance is too far. Use the remote controller within 7 m of the VCR. If this range is not possible, replace the batteries. OR the batteries are exhausted. Replace the batteries. OR the batteries are incorrectly fitted with ( +/- ) reversed.

Question4. There is normal picture but no colour.

The TV colour system is not correct. Please select the appropriate system. OR the colour is too dim. Please check the colour control.

Question5. Spots /streaks of lines appear on the TV screen intermittently.

The reception is being disrupted by car, motorcycles, train, electrical appliances or fluorescent lamp interference. Just wait for a moment for these external sources to move away or stabilise.

Question6. There are coloured patches on the picture.

Magenetic interference from unshielded equipment/earth magnetism. Please movefurther away/change the set's positioning. OR Hi-Fi speaker is placed too nearto the TV set. Please move it further away. OR TV set is moved while " on ".Turn the TV set off for about 30 mins, and turn it on again.

Question7. There is normal picture but no sound.

Check whether the mute function has been activated on the remote control. Push it again. OR the volume is too low. Check the volume control.

Question8. Teletext reception in the TV malfunctions or has missing characters.

The reception of the TV picture is snowy, have multiple images or have interference. Please check your TV aerial.

Question9. Interference patterns appear on the TV.

Such symptoms may occur when the transmitting aerial of a radio station or a ham operator is near the TV.

Question10. The programme selected is not displayed clearly / snowy picture.

The aerial has not been connected. To connect the aerial properly. OR the aerial signal is weak. To check the aerial.

Question11. There is no colour appearing on the picture and noisy sound.

The TV sound and colour system is not correct. Please select to the appropriate system.

Question12. The picture on the TV has double or multiple images.

The direction of the aerial has been changed. It may change after a strong wind. Please check the aerial. OR signal reflection from surrounding mountains or building may have affected the picture.

Question13. There is no power supply.

The power cord has not been connected. Connect the power cord to the main power supply. OR the main power supply has not been switched on. To switch on the main power supply. OR the power is on stand-by mode. Press stand-by button from REMOTE CONTROL.

Question14. The channel number does not disappear from the TV screen.

The RECALL button has been pushed. Push it again.

To avoid any malfunctions of the unit and to protect against electric shocks, fire or personal injuries, please observe the following:

Hold the plug firmly when connecting or disconnecting the AC power cord.
Place the AC cord away from any heat generating appliances. Never put any heavy object on the AC power cord.
Do not attempt to repair or reconstruct the AC power cord in any way.
Keep the unit away from any liquid. If water or other liquid is spilled on/into the unit, corrosion (which would eventually lead to malfunction), electric shock or fire may possibly occur.
Do not remove the outer panel of any appliance. Touching any internal part of the unit is dangerous.
Do not put any foreign object on the disc tray. Never allow children to place anything in the disc tray of any disc player.
Do not place the TV set where it can be exposed to direct sunlight or rain water.
Do not place magnets or items with magnetic properties near the TV set. Otherwise colour patches may appear on the screen.
Do not block the ventilating holes; otherwise damage may occur due to high temperature in the set if it is being used continuously for a long period of time.