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Air Conditioner

Question1. Why does the MCB trips sometimes and we need to reset it when the Air-Con is operating, mostly at the starting time?

It could be possible that the MCB is under-sized. Please check the recommended MCB size with our service center for your specific model.

Question2. Why does ice-forms on the copper pipes of the condenser (outdoor) unit?

There are two possibilities. Ice-forming on the discharged pipe (the smaller sized one) is due to insufficient gas in the system. Ice-formation on the suction pipe (the bigger one) could be caused by a dirty fan coil unit or, a dirty filter or, the indoor unit blower is not rotating.

Question3. Do we need to service the Condensing (outdoors) unit? If, yes, how often?

You need to clean the condensing unit at least once a year to make sure the air circulation of the unit is not blocked. It can affect the cooling efficiency, a shorter compressor life and even your electrical bill. Sometimes, it is subjected to environmental condition, which requires a qualified technician to give recommendations.

Question4. What is the advantage of National Air Purifying Filter and how often do we need to replace it?

National Air Purifying Filter can absorb smoking odours, human smell, impurities and harmful particles in the air. National recommends that the purifying filter is replaced every three months. Or the color of purifying filter (originally white color) is changed to one of the sample colors marked on the set. (You can open the cover and see two-sample colors) Note : only set with air purifier filter does apply.

Question5. Why is there water leaking out of the air-conditioner?

The drainage could have been blocked due to some dirt being accumulated in the drainage pipe. OR, the aircon could be dirty. OR, there is insufficient refrigerant. OR, poor gradient of the drainage pipe or too long of a drainage pipe was installed in a restricted environment.

Question6. Why is the aircon so noisy?

The blower and coil may be dirty. OR, the noise may come from the vibration due to uneven wall surface or a glass partition or a thin plywood partition, which the compressor operating noise could have been easily transmitted into the room (with reference to the room airconditioner and the outdoor unit).

Question7. Why is the aircon not cold?

Please check if the thermostat was set too high. OR, the selection of the operating mode could be incorrect. OR, the set is dirty. OR, there is insufficient refrigerant. OR, the unit is undersized. OR, the orientation of the room, e.g. facing direct sunlight? OR, poor distribution of air to the entire room due to the shape of the room. Poor location of aircon and blockage of the outlet by furniture, decorative items, etc..

Do not block the air intake and outlet vents.

This may cause a drop in performance and irregular operations. Do not insert sticks or other objects into these vents as it is dangerous to touch the electric components and the fan.

Do not use the heating appliances/equipment in the vicinity.

The airconditioner's plastic parts may deform if exposed to excessive heat.

Do not use the airconditioner for other purposes than cooling the room.

Do not use the airconditioner for other purposes such as drying clothes, preserving foods, keeping animals or cultivating vegetables.

Select the most appropriate temperature.

To adjust the temperature to suit the conditions. Rooms occupied by young infants and elderly should be kept at an appropriate temperature.

Avoid exposing the body directly to a continuous air-flow for long periods.

This is recommended for health reasons.

Do not pull the power cord.

Damage to the cord may result in serious electrical shocks.